A Few Words About FuelX

FuelX is a worldwide operating lubricant, producing and distributing high-grade Additives, Motor oils, Car Care items, and sprays for nearly all industrial applications and manufacturing sectors.

Known under the Global Trademark “FuelX® “The company was founded in 2017 in Australia and has established an extensive network of subsidiaries and sales representatives around the globe.

FuelX Additives
FuelX Lubricants
FuelX Car Care

FuelX has the exclusive global rights to sell FPC technology additives, which are renamed as FuelX Additives. FuelX Additives are chemically designed to assist commercial and mass- consumers of fuel users to improve fuel efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and complete combustion engine operation and maintenance costs. Our degree of specialization, the high innovation rate, and our first-class products are just a few reasons for the growing success of the FuelX brand in the world market.


Our Associates:

In-Service Sector we’re having consorted with our global associates along with some renowned global OIL refineries & with global giants to maximize the Oil commodity sales. Over the past few years, we’ve an association with Global Car Care Giant Reco-Chem from Canada to join operations for Car Care product Sales.

FuelX Values:

Every day, we work full of ebullience to make sure your confidence in our brand is justified. Thanks to our strong corporate identity, we always base our actions on our values. Team spirit takes center stage: we ensure optimum working conditions and thereby create a climate for creativity, innovation, and social fairness. As far as we are concerned, ambition and pragmatism always go hand in hand. And we feel that success is always maintained by caring about one another.

Perfection in Quality:

“Quality Perfection” is one of FUELX’s most important guiding principles. Two words that communicate our fundamental attitude: Quality with Perfection. Within the entire FuelX family worldwide. Amongst all customers, business friends, suppliers, colleagues, and relatives. Regardless of nationality, culture, or religion.

Our Management Team

T Salim Shah ( Managing Director)
Managing Director
Haley Baala(Director Stretagic Planning)
Director Stretagic Planning
Katie Campbell (Manager Global Sales)
Manager Global Sales
Donovan-de-Wet (Legel Advisor & Consultant)
Legel Advisor & Consultant
Global Technical Head
Mohammad Umair (Country Head UAE)
Country Head UAE
Capt.(R) Izhar Hussain (Country Head Pakistan)
Country Head Pakistan